Client Testimonials

Ah fantastic, very forthcoming, very helpful, very supportive, very flexible, I really loved working with the DUPCO team and still do.

We’ve now got a support and maintenance contract in place and if the likes of Phill or Bert or anyone doesn’t hear from us, then they will engage and make contact.

It’s easy to get lost in your own world of work, so it’s very nice to have a team that if you’ve paid for a service and you’re not utilizing it they give you a nudge to say, “what’s the next thing we can help you on in terms of support and maintenance.”

Very pleasant experience so far.

Joe Strydom

Head of Strategic Programme Management Business Unit, Hollard Insurance

It is really important to all of us to have a shared standard across the group, obviously because of our business units being different in terms of focus whether it’s long-term insurance or short-term insurance or the group Centre functions.

Now the nice thing with Microsoft Project Online is that we could agree on what the standard registers or forms are that we believe should exist on a project as a bare minimum and by agreeing that standardise it across Hollard.

We ultimately got to the point, as a group project forum, that this is the right solution for us, and it provided all the base capabilities and functionalities that we needed.

DUPCO Consulting is very supportive, professional, and willing to walk the extra mile.

Neil Theron

Head of Business Enablement Central Units, Hollard Insurance

DUPCO Consulting has been assisting ITB from 2015 with providing project management and management consulting services and they are currently providing their services to us.
They have provided project management services on our data projects and system analysis for our clients. I would rate their service as excellent, professional and efficient.

Francois Cross

Managing Director, IT and Business Services (SA) (Pty) Ltd

I like the approach that DUPCO proposed which is, ‘Let’s start small.,’ ‘Let’s get this thing going.,’ and also the fact that you guys offered some of the stuff almost for free.

It’s not just an appealing financial package that you offered but you come with a lot of knowledge, and we can trust you as well. That for me outweighed a lot of things and I think that was it – that’s a relationship that was built on trust and delivery and I must tell you I don’t think there’s one deliverable that’s been missed or one issue that we had because things weren’t done, we’ve never had that discussion and that means a lot to me at the end.

Anton Burger

Head of Agile PMO, Hollard Insurance

l, Callie Human can confirm that DUPCO Consulting has provided services in the lnformation Technology development space. They have provided competent project managers to assist with day-to day project management work and further these projects managers assist in managing delivery from our operational
development teams.

They rolled out new processes to assist in a more efficient project and operations delivery. They are professional and go the extra mile.

We started our working relationship in 2013 and we are still engaging with DUPCO Consulting today. I believe their commitment and service is excellent.

Callie Human

Group Executive - Automotive, Britehouse Automotive

DUPCO Consulting has provided project management and delivery management services to the Online Platforms teams which is part of the Center of Information and Insights department with in MultiChoice (Pty) Ltd and MultiChoice Group.

They have been assisting the team from 2016 and is currently still providing services to us. The Online Platforms team is a development and support team for some of the MultiChoice Microsoft Office 365 solutions, which mainly focusses on SharePoint, PowerApps, Azure and Teams development and administration.

Of the major engagements with DUPCO, the few that stands out has been managing the Share Point 2010 to 2013 migration and creating a practical Agile delivery method for the team.

DUPCO has professional committed consultants and they are knowledgeable in their field. I would rate their service as Excellent and an ease to work with.

Pieter Minnaar

Head of Business Advisory: MCSA, MultiChoice (Pty) Ltd