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Project Data Suite

“Our software and services help our customers better manage their project data to achieve productivity, speed to market, quality and employee engagement. PDS Migration is a tool that allows you to migrate your Project data between m365 environments and from Project Online to Project for the web.”

Website: https://projectdata.io/


“Microsoft is the largest vendor of computer software in the world. It is also a leading provider of cloud computing services, video games, computer and gaming hardware, search and other online services. Microsoft’s corporate headquarters is located in Redmond and it has offices in more than 60 countries.”

Website: https://www.microsoft.com/


“We shape and sustain the modern workplace on all organizational levels, enabling efficient portfolio, project, and work management, by combining expert knowledge on the latest Microsoft technologies, deep interest in modern work trends, and our real-world experience.”

Website: https://projectum.com/



“There is no greater motivator to build something better than to see the cost of failed projects along with the waste and disruption it causes. This product was created to increase the chances of success in every project because improved technology, combined with years of practical experience, has allowed us to create a better way.”

Website: https://www.focushq.com/